Stroma gives a good yield of attractive red skinned tubers. It has good resistance to common and powdery scab, partial PCN resistance and worthwhile resistance to blight. Flesh colour is yellow.

Parentage S Vernei x Desiree
Breeder Agent Caithness Potatoes Ltd
Breeder Rights (expiry) 2019



Tuber Characteristics
Shape of tuberOval - long
Colour of skinRed
Colour of fleshMedium yellow
Depth of eyesVery shallow
Smoothness of skinSmooth
Botanical Description
Colour of base of lightsproutPink
MaturitySecond Early
Height of plantsShort - medium
Colour of flowerRed violet
Frequency of berriesFew

Resistance to Damage, Pests and Diseases.

Results of National List or AHDB Potatoes Independent Variety Trials
Variety information last modified on 2nd of November, 2016