Very high yielding variety, it produces a very vigorous canopy and abundant flowers. Slaney is a very efficient nutrient user allowing less fertiliser applications. It eats well, being good for boiling, steaming, baking and chipping. Susceptible to late blight on tubers and potato leafroll virus. Shows resistance to splitting. When tested for resistance to potato cyst nematode, Slenay showed resistance to Globodera rostochiensis Ro1 and susceptibility to Globodera pallida Pa2/3,1.

Parentage Maris Page x Cara
Breeder Rights (expiry) 2021


Slaney (leaf)
Slaney (sprout)
Slaney (foliage)


Tuber Characteristics
Shape of tuberOval
Colour of skinWhite
Colour of fleshWhite
Depth of eyesShallow
Smoothness of skinMedium
Botanical Description
Colour of base of lightsproutPink
Height of plantsMedium
Colour of flowerWhite
Frequency of berriesFew

Resistance to Damage, Pests and Diseases.

Results of National List or AHDB Potatoes Independent Variety Trials
Variety information last modified on 22nd of February, 2021