Tubers have poor resistance to splitting and good resistance to bruising.  Trials have found good resistance to dry rot (Fuarium coeruleum). This variety has low resistance to dry rot (Fusarium sulphureum) , potato leafroll virus, late blight on tubers, late blight on foliage and splitting.

Parentage G94TP013008 x Felsina
Breeder Germicopa SAS
Breeder Agent Germicopa UK
Breeder Rights (expiry) 2040



Tuber Characteristics
Shape of tuberLong
Colour of skinBlue
Colour of fleshCream
Depth of eyesShallow
Botanical Description
Colour of base of lightsproutBlue
MaturitySecond Early
Height of plantsShort - medium
Colour of flowerViolet

Resistance to Damage, Pests and Diseases.

Results of National List or AHDB Potatoes Independent Variety Trials
Variety information last modified on 26th of September, 2019