This high yielding, rapidly bulking HZPC variety produces early yields of high dry matter and uniform red skinned, round tubers. It is suitable for ex field and short term storage use. Resistant to potato cyst nematode Globodera rostochiensis Ro1.

Parentage Lady Rosetta x HZ 81 h 202
Breeder HZPC UK Limited
Breeder Agent Higgins Agriculture Ltd
Breeder Rights (expiry) 2028


Courage (leaf)
Courage (flower)


Tuber Characteristics
Shape of tuberRound
Colour of skinRed
Colour of fleshCream
Depth of eyesMedium
Botanical Description
Colour of base of lightsproutPink
MaturitySecond Early
Height of plantsMedium
Colour of flowerBlue violet
Frequency of berriesFew

Resistance to Damage, Pests and Diseases.

Results of National List or AHDB Potatoes Independent Variety Trials
Variety information last modified on 9th of November, 2020