Anya is a speciality variety with distinct nutty taste and waxy texture. Very long oval tubers with parti-coloured skins and cream flesh. Will produce high tuber numbers. Tests show susceptibility to late blight on foliage, powdery scab, potato cyst nematode Globodera pallida Pa3/2, 1, potato cyst nematode Globodera rostchiensis Ro1, Potato Virus Yo and Splitting. Resistance to common scab.

Parentage Pink Fir Apple x Desiree
Breeder Rights (expiry) 2026



Tuber Characteristics
Shape of tuberOval - long
Colour of skinWhite
Colour of fleshWhite
Depth of eyesVery deep
Smoothness of skinMedium
Botanical Description
Colour of base of lightsproutPink
MaturitySecond Early
Frequency of berriesAbsent

Resistance to Damage, Pests and Diseases.

Results of National List or AHDB Potatoes Independent Variety Trials
Variety information last modified on 30th of May, 2019